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This website features only some of the selected pieces created since the beginning of our glorious millennium. The selection was highly subjective. I was trying to extract an essence of an essence which can be compared to shaping a chunk of ice until it all melts away and all we are left with is nothing.
Nothing was not an option so enjoy the carefully curated "something".
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I see my process as an adventure in combining elements and the pure joy of fabrication. Whether I happen to work on a sculpture, miniature objects or moving and still images, I think of my process as a collage of not only materials but also meanings or feelings. I’m open to experimentation in any given medium as long as it stays true to my intentions. Finding patterns, connections, things that fit or sometimes things that don’t fit together might generate meanings I wasn’t aware of beforehand. Letting the patterns manifest themselves on their own seemingly without too much interference often results in the most successful and surprising creations. I like “creating while blind” the same way a wood beetle bores its way through the wood in search for sugary nutrients. Then I like to step back and peel the bark off to reveal the larger context of my process.

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