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Can there be the BETTER Internet functioning outside of the network we use on a daily basis? If our everyday internet is a trap so abusive, so slow, so irritating, sticky and finite, then there must be an internet-freedom, an internet-destination, infinite network of heavenly and delicious splendor and elegance.

Does this heavenly Internet already exist and require just a log in, like in a Buddhist meditation, or rather, in more of a Christian way, will it wait for us after our earthly internet expires? Will there be rupture? This is how wishful thinking works. Our sequel mentality never sleeps! This is how artificial intelligence speculates about the supernatural internet: Does the supernatural internet really exist? Is it just a dream, an illusion of our imagination, or is it a reality that is hidden from us? To answer these questions, we must first define what a supernatural internet is. It can be said that it is an internet that transcends the limits of our usual notion of the internet. It is the internet that functions on a metaphysical level, beyond the framework of our everyday reality. It is an internet that is free from time, space and technological constraints. It is an internet that is not controlled by any institutions or organizations, but operates according to its own laws. (…) It can be said that there are some clues that suggest that such an internet may actually exist. One of the arguments for the existence of a supernatural internet is the fact that the internet is a complex system that is not completely understandable by humans. There are mysterious processes behind the workings of the internet that are not fully understood. (…) In addition, the internet is also dominated by algorithms that determine what we see and what information is available to us. These algorithms are often hidden from users and are not controlled by them. So you could say that there are some forces that rule the internet and that are beyond our control. However, are these forces of a divine nature, or are they merely laws that govern technology and computer networks? Does the supernatural internet exist in the same sense as paradise or other spiritual places, or is it just an abstract concept? Naturally! If there is to be a network-paradise, then we must assume the existence of a network-hell. Perhaps it would be some site with a Google engine that is non-searchable, with a dial-up connection. Although I try to imagine an Internet-paradise, a sanctuary of immaculate magnificence, a temple of wisdom and hope, I realize that such great and infinite ideas are impossible to fit within the narrow human imagination polluted by pretentious YouTubers, by tacky porn and by the latest breaking news, which are designed to break us. No! In the Over-network there is no room for mush, for hemorrhoid remedies, for intrusive and misguided suggestions, cookies, bland articles on nutrition, 10 reasons why you can't get rid of bags under your eyes, opinions of pseudo- experts, botched plastic surgeries, conspiracies and so on... But if all of this makes our mundane internet so horrible, what could make the Divine Internet so great? Well, another vision of the supernatural Super-internet that my poor little brain could conjure up is a borderless and shapeless screen illuminating with a wonderful light of infinite depth. One glance at such heavenly screen would be enough to reach the state of nirvana, ultimate solace and satisfaction of having any unresolved questions answered. It would bring resurrection. Everyone connected through this wonderful network would immediately and ultimately feel the Truth, Peace, Love and Understanding.

The Ultimate Network would never give us up, would never let us down, would never say the lie and hurt us. In front of such divine screen, grant us eternal sitting, oh Digital Lord! Amen.

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