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I CAME TO AMERICA BECAUSE IT IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND IT'S THE ONLY PLACE WHERE I CAN MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! Now isn’t that a nice song? Doesn’t it make you heart explode with pride? Isn’t that the song you like to hear us sing? Us - the immigrants: the less fortunate, perhaps less educated, less cultured, less confident, more smelly, more rough around the edges - diamonds in the rough. Why else would we come here, to this great land if not for a brand new shine? Why else would we count on your great hospitable spirit and good will to let us in as long as we deserve it? THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME IN, KIND SIR, MADAM! I WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU! Me? I was bored. I thought it would be cool to go to an art school in the States or whatever… I don’t know… I guess I just stayed because I met someone and life happened. Sometimes when you live somewhere long enough, you just sprout and end up staying. As far as places go, America is a place like many other places on this dying planet. It’s a place that isn’t as great as it claims to be. It’s a place where all citizens are encouraged to carry a firearm and even the price of regular mass shootings and toddlers accidentally killing their parents is not enough to reconsider. The other two countries allowing citizens to be armed are Mexico and Guatemala. That's it! America has been made attractive thanks to the convincing make up - the story told for over a 100 years by Hollywood. Its enticing shine - the work of slaves, can be enjoyed only by a small group on top. The only reason the billionaire class want to keep people around is the work force they provide. Without people, their companies would nosedive in a second and yet people are still willing to be held in a headlock, working all their waking hours for a miserable compensation. It’s better than slavery but…

“So do you like it here?”, you often ask and wait for my glorifying reply with impatience. “I CAME TO AMERICA BECAUSE IT IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND IT'S THE ONLY PLACE WHERE I CAN MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!”

Now isn’t that a nice song?

Not really… The answer is complicated. I lived in Poland for 25 years. I didn’t like it there. I liked it there. I was indifferent about it. It depended on my mood, the amount of sleep I got, the developments in my private or professional life. Yes, I like it here. No, I don’t like it here. I’m indifferent about it. It’s life.

Countries are places on Earth and what happens to the planet directly impacts those places. People in the North act surprised when they see all these mysterious migrants from the southern lands suddenly showing up at their borders. Who are they? What do they want? Well… How about water, food, air to breathe and some semblance of stability? Climate change has deprived them of these luxury items and yes, you and me are next. It’s only a mater of time.


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