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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I am a fern. I am made out of plastic For Decorative Purposes Only. The material used to create me actually comes from my older sisters who died long ago.

Humans dug them out of their graves to keep the illusions intact. 

We are sold in stores. There are millions of us and people need us because they can’t keep the real ones alive. It’s hard to keep things alive in the mausoleums they call their homes.

Eventually humans die because they don’t know how to care even for themselves. They aren’t made of plastic like us.

However long we might decorate their mausoleums, there comes a time for us to go to the landfill as well. We will persist there long after the very plants we are trying to imitate disappear from the surface of the planet.

We will hold their testimony even after there is no one left to testify to.

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