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That Time of Day

9 PM is a strange time of day.

I know that it comes every night but I also know that I wouldn’t really notice if it didn’t.

If a detective asked me “So, what did you do around 9 PM?” I would just stare back blankly in silence and then confess.

Why does 9PM feel like a blind spot in the frame of time? Is it because of the daily schedule? Does it have to do with meals?

Let’s see… I eat my dinner around 6 or 7 PM. After dinner I just relax for a bit, watch a movie or read. By the time I’m done it’s 9PM. Too late to eat or do anything else and too early to go to sleep. So I just wait for it to pass until it's 10PM and then 11PM - perfect time to begin pajama rituals, that is of course if I don't attend a cool party that night. (Side note: if it happens to be a pajama party then never mind...)

Do you have your own gaps in the time frame? Why do you think they occur?

Is forgetting about the clock the only way to experience time smoothly?

If you would like to be blown away by some revealing theories about time, read “The Order of Time” by Carlo Rovelli.

(written between 9:10 and 9:50 PM)

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