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Who Knew!

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

The mind is like a car or rather a driver inside of a car that is stuck in traffic. It’s a little hard to see beyond the enclosed bubble of steel and glass. The seat is low. Perspective limited. A truck in front doesn’t make it any easier. There is no way of knowing what caused the interruption. The light is green and it seems there are no other cars in front of the truck. You get irritated and impatient. It’s time to engage in communication. The means of car communication are limited too. All you can do is press the center of your steering wheel so that the car goes “honk”. Interestingly enough you might be able to convey your communication somewhat precisely to sound polite or irritated. It’s impossible to ask a question, to thank or to apologize with your car horn. You chose option #2 and as soon as the angry sound reverberates, you realize that there is a blind person crossing the street - the very cause of the interruption. “Sorry, I didn’t know...”, you say but no one can hear you. They are all sitting in their own steel and glass bubbles and it all looks very clear to them: this whole traffic situation is bogus! Totally unfair!

“Now I know”, you might think (with the emphasis on the word "I") and it might make you feel superior towards the others who are still using their angry horns. “Myopic, selfish idiots!”, you might even yell out of your window. “There is a blind person crossing the street!”

Your feeling of superiority is entirely baseless however, because there was no way for you to know that the blind person wasn’t really blind and served as an element of diversion for the bank robbers who needed to disrupt the traffic in order to facilitate their escape. “How could I be so gullible!”, you would think to yourself if you could only know…

But the officers in the police helicopter hovering over traffic saw the whole thing very clearly. (Helicopter can be compared to a more knowledgeable mind that is able to see things in wider perspective - maybe one that is well read and traveled).

Bank robbers are evil and deserving to be in jail. It can’t be clearer than that! The chase begins and the robbers are apprehended.

Soon the traffic resumes with it’s usual rhythm and everything returns back to normal.

A month later you are stuck in traffic again but this time you choose to calm down and turn on the radio.

“The bank that has been robbed last month is being shut down and its executives arrested after accusations of money laundering, ties to blood diamond trade and financing genocidal regimes”, says the announcer on the radio news.

Who knew!

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