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Experimental Curating (2016 - 2018)

Participants (both trained and untrained artists) have been given specific size limits for 2D or 3D piece to submit. Only a few of them knew that their piece would be fitted into a clear cassette case and some of them only suspected it. The entire show was then carried around in a special suitcase and each individual piece was passed around and viewed. In some viewings the audience didn't exceed one person, in other up to twenty viewers participated. One session involved only my most immediate family members and intimate circles of friends. A few times the Suitcase Showcase became an additional alternative event within another alternative event.


The motivation for the project stemmed from a need to experience art without the institutional prerequisites we are used to depend on such as prestigious openings, catalogues, flowers, applause and Chardonnay which may distract from true experience of art.

It was also a way to promote the artists by providing a little sample of their creative personalities


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- Bryce Landry:

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